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  • Use Body Glide, to reduce areas of chafe.
  • Use Surf Jimmy/Plastic Bags to assist in putting on the suit.
  • Gripper gloves are recommended for pulling on the suit.
  • If possible, have somebody else zip up the zip.
  • Use 2XU's Seamless Waterproof Bag to transport and wash your suit.
  • Rinse the suit in fresh water and use Adrenalin "Wetsuit & Gear Wash".
  • Allow the wetsuit to dry inside out, in the shade. Do not use a regular coat hanger.
  • Store your wetsuit in a darkened and cool area.
  • Do not fold the wetsuit for a long period of time


  1. Lubricating Products (petroleum based) such as:
    Vaseline (petroleum), Paw Paw which is 96% petroleum, baby oil (petroleum), hair conditioner, hair shampoo, cosmetics, any oil based lubricant.
  2. Direct Overexposure to UV like a Skylight in the shed or near a window.
  3. AquaSeal - sold as a wetsuit repair glue to "fix" fingernail nicks. Please avoid this product as is does irreparable damage to the Wetsuit. Instead use Seal Cement.
  4. Chlorine. Swimming pools and chlorinated water will damage the Neoprene and dramatically reduce the life span of the Wetsuit.