Women's Hi Impact Support Bra

Women's Hi Impact Support Bra


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Women's Hi Impact Support Bra Black/Black


"This fully adjustable High Impact Support Bra is engineered to offer the ultimate in comfort and protection during any high impact activity. Run, sprint, cycle, jump, dance–we’ve got all your sporting demands covered!"

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  • Internal support cradle with ridged fabric for extra support
  • Double rear clasp and adjustable straps for a customized fit
  • Cushioned shoulder straps for added comfort
  • Keyhole back for breathability
  • POWER X. Engineered with high gauge denier elastane for flexibility and a firm, long lasting shape. High filament nylon yarns provide unparalleled moisture management, abrasion resistance and antibacterial protection.

The 2XU Support Bra collection is designed to cater to light, medium or high impact activities – we have a solution for every kind of athlete.

The Importance of a Properly Fitting Sports Bra

  1.  Is it common for women to be wearing incorrectly fitted sports bras?
  • Yes!  Incorrectly fitted sports bras is a common problem that leads to chafing and excess bounce.  Many women often select sports bras based on comfort and softness, however this tends to lead toward styles which aren’t supportive enough for them. 
  • Even A and B cup women require support and less bounce as bounce leads to strain on breasts which can cause permanent damage.
  • Because there are no muscles in the breast, once your Coopers Ligament is stretched causing breast sag, it’s irreversible. A supportive and correctly fitted bra will hold you in place thereby eliminating bounce, rubbing and chafe.
  1. 2.     What should women look for in a sports bra to ensure a good fit? Is it strap width, fabric, under band V wire etc.

(This question can be broken down in to small, medium and large breasted sports women)

  • The most important criteria to achieving optimal fit are the key fit areas; under-bust, upper breast, underarm, and straps.  All areas should be securely supported, yet not constricted.  The wearer must be able to breathe easily during all levels of activity.  
  • The under-bust should be tight and act as a support for your breast. You should only be able to fit two fingers underneath the under-band.  If there’s more space than this or if you can see the back of the bra rising up, it’s too big.  Your bra should lightly rest on your skin on your upper bust as this is a common place for chafing.  If you can lean forward and everything stays in place then you’ve achieved a good upper breast fit.  
  • All breast tissue should fit inside the bra - especially under the arm.  When running, the underarm should touch fabric not skin to reduce chafe.  Straps should be tightened to minimize bounce. 
  • For those of C cup sizing or above, padding is required in the straps to prevent from digging in.
  1. 3.     How often should sports women check their bra size as this can be effected by many things like weight variations and contraceptive medication? 
  • To ensure best fit, ladies should get fitted every six months or every time a new sports bra is purchased – whichever comes first.  This will ensure the bra is working at its best and offering top level support. 
  1. 4.     How often should women replace their sports bra? 
  • No sport bra should celebrate a birthday – all are designed to last approximately 25-50 washes depending on how the bra is cared for.  Bras that are used beyond this can start to lose their support as the fabrics age.

The 2XU High Impact Support Bra offers sizing from XS to XL for those with high impact sporting demands. It features an internal support cradle, cushioned shoulder straps, two adjustable back closures + fully adjustable straps

Power X

The ultimate supportive fabrication for women, Power X is engineered with high strength 70 denier elastane for premium flexibility and a firm, long lasting shape.  Complete with high filament Nylon yarns, unparalleled moisture management, abrasion resistance and antibacterial, odour-free performance are assured.

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