• 2XU Signs Pro Triathlete and Olympic Medalist Bevan Docherty

    16 Jan 2014   /  Bevan Docherty , 2XU Ambassador , 2XU sponsorship , 2XU Triathlon , 2XU , 2xu athlete , triathlon   /   0 Comments   /   Comment

    World leading performance Compression and Triathlon apparel brand 2XU, is pleased to announce the addition of professional athlete and Olympic medalist, Bevan Docherty, to its growing portfolio of Brand Ambassadors. Docherty will train, compete and recover in 2XU garments including wetsuits, compression wear, cycle, tri and run apparel from now until 2015.

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  • 2XU pro triathlete Cait Snow reflects on Kona and what she's learned.

    5 Dec 2013   /  Cait Snow , Ironman , 2xu athlete , triathlon   /   0 Comments   /   Comment

    Mentally, leading up to Kona, I was in a different place than I’ve been in years past. While I didn’t slack off at all, I felt a lot more relaxed, especially in the hours between training sessions. Three weeks before the race, I “moved” to Kona to acclimate to the heat and time—a six-hour difference from home. This was also the beginning of my taper, so the volume over those weeks was a bit on the lighter side.

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  • Selfless Support by 2XU Athlete Branden Rakita

    24 Oct 2013   /  Athlete Tips , Support , Branden Rakita , Xterra , 2XU Triathlon , 2XU , 2xu athlete , triathlon   /   0 Comments   /   Comment

    As a sport, triathlon is an individual endeavor.  Everyone takes time out of their day to put in the work, the majority of the time, in solo efforts, each stroke, each turn of the pedal and every stride is all put forth with our own solo effort.  Every racer, including every “participant”, in every race, from the first to the last athlete across the line gets there on their own free will and choice.   In each race there is not one time where we can place that effort or burden to get to the end on anyone else like you can in team sports.

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  • 2XU's Pro Triathlete, Thomas Gerlach - "Make Recovery Your #1 Priority"

    22 Oct 2013   /  Thomas Gerlach , recovery , 2XU Triathlon , Ironman , 2XU , 2xu athlete , triathlon   /   0 Comments   /   Comment

    As someone who races many IRONMAN's a year, one of the most frequent questions I get from my peers is "how do you recover and race so often?" The answer is complicated and there are many different things that contribute to my recovery, but ultimately it is about making recovery a priority.

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  • 2XU's Cait Snow Ran Down the Competiton in Kona - Full Race Recap

    17 Oct 2013   /  Cait Snow , IM Kona , 2XU Triathlon , Ironman , 2XU , 2xu athlete , triathlon   /   0 Comments   /   Comment

    Talk about running down the competition!  Cait ran herself up 10 spots from the bike to the run and in one of the most exciting moments in this nail bitting race, she over took Meredith Kessler in the last few seconds before the finish line to place 6th in the Women's Pro race!  Here is Cait's full race recap!


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  • Terry Kennedy; 2XU Ambassador, Kona Inspired Athlete, Ironman World Championships Finisher

    16 Oct 2013   /  Ironman Kona , Terry Kennedy , 2XU Ambassador , 2XU Cycle , 2XU Triathlon , Ironman , 2XU , triathlon   /   0 Comments   /   Comment

    Terry Kennedy suffered a stroke and heart attack not long ago but has left all that in the past to become something so much more; an IRONMAN World Championships -  Kona finisher!  Here is Terry's full recap of a race that tested him physically and mentally.

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  • 2XU Director Jamie Hunt features in medibank's bemagazine!

    12 Dec 2012   /  bemagazine , medibank , Jamie Hunt , triathlon   /   0 Comments   /   Comment

    Check out the great video and article ‘Made by athletes for athletes’ by 2XU Co-founder, Director Jamie Hunt in the summer edition of medibank’s bemagazine!  Jamie gives us the lowdown on what products will help you in your quest to the finish line and chats about what he loves about triathlon and good health.

    Also 2XU Ambassador, Olympian and recent Mark Webber Challenge participant Brendan Sexton also features giving readers all the tips to tackle their first Triathlon.

  • Stunning Race for Steffen, Brown + all 2XU athletes at the Inaugural Ironman Melbourne!

    25 Mar 2012   /  Ironman Melbourne , Cameron Brown , 2XU Athletes , Team TBB , Caroline Steffen , triathlon   /   0 Comments   /   Comment

    Another weekend another win for teamTBB's Caroline 'Xena' Steffen, with an amazing performance at the inaugural Ironman Melbourne.  Xena stunned the field with an 8:34 Ironman off the back of a super fast 4:35 bike and 3:01 marathon; winning the Asia Pacific Championship title by almost 12 minutes to 2nd place and about 30 minutes over the 2010 Ironman World Champ in 3rd.  The result was an epic one for Xena, who is now the 2nd fastest Ironwoman of all time and shown that she will be one to watch in Kona come October. 

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  • 2XU's Cam Brown takes 3rd in Ironman NZ's Revised 70.3

    4 Mar 2012   /  New Zealand 70.3 , Ironman New Zealand , Cameron Brown , 2XU , triathlon   /   0 Comments   /   Comment

    Last week, we, along with the entire triathlon community, were gearing up for another epic Ironman New Zealand for 2012.  Come Friday afternoon, however, serious weather warnings forced a revision of the full Ironman to 70.3 event for Sunday.  Undoubtedly a huge disappointment to those who had trained so hard, but onwards and upwards for the consummate professionals like 2XU's 10 x IM NZ Champion Cam Brown.  Here's his take on race day!

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  • 2XU Signs Pro Triathlete + Five Time World Champion Terenzo Bozzone!

    2 Feb 2012   /  2XU Ambassador , 2XU Pro Triathlete , Ironman , Terenzo Bozzone , triathlon   /   0 Comments   /   Comment

    As the world leader in performance Compression and Triathlon apparel, we're thrilled to have added yet another preeminent Professional athlete to our portfolio of elite Brand Ambassadors.  This time, acclaimed Professional Triathlete and five time World Champion Terenzo Bozzone joins us under a comprehensive Agreement which will see him train, race and recover in 2XU Compression, Triathlon, Cycle, Run and Casual performance apparel until 2015!

    Starting his career with several World Championship titles on the junior Duathlon and Triathlon circuits, 26 year old Bozzone has since claimed a 70.3 World Championship, numerous Ironman and 70.3 Half Ironman podium finishes across the globe and voted Tri Mag’s 70.3 Athlete of the Year. 

    Following a fulltime commitment to long course racing in 2009, the 2XU sponsorship comes at an opportune time for Bozzone who is now in peak training for next month’s Ironman New Zealand.  Last year the young gun pushed fellow 2XU Ambassador and 10 x Ironman NZ Champion Cameron Brown to race record pace and finished a close second; a fiery contest poised to reignite on March 3 this year.  

    "Long term Kona is where I want to succeed but short term Ironman New Zealand is where I want to compete well,” said Bozzone. 

    “I want to take Cam Brown off his throne in the nicest possible way.  I love racing in Taupo and with 2XU’s leading compression and triathlon kit now on my side, I'll be heading into my 2012 race on truly equal terms and with that much more confidence, support, drive and hunger for the title.”

    “I have been a fan of 2XU for some time, so this new sporting partnership was an easy choice for me and I can’t wait to get started,” he said.    

     2XU Co-Founder and Director of Product Development Jamie Hunt, is equally thrilled with the new partnership.

     “Working with world-class athletes of Terenzo’s calibre is integral to 2XU’s high performance formula,” said Hunt. 

     “His passion for triathlon, technical apparel and excellence in performance are sentiments equally echoed by the 2XU brand. 

    With our 2XU mission to multiply human performance, this new partnership is set to ignite some thrilling ventures to come.”

    With roots in New Zealand plus regular annual training and racing stints in the United States and Europe, Terenzo Bozzone is an outstanding Ambassador for 2XU, whose presence on the international triathlon circuit is slated for even further growth in 2012. 

    As the existing official supplier of Compression to the Australian Institute of Sport, Ironman®, Triathlon New Zealand, international triathlon powerhouse teamTBB, GreenEDGE Cycling, the UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team amongst many others, formal alliance with Bozzone marks a logical one for the 2XU brand. 

    Thanks to its relentless commitment to engineering world-class garments from fabrics delivering tangible benefits to the wearer, 2XU sets the benchmark in high performance sports apparel. 

    Watch our video interview with Terenzo here!

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