• Checking in with Team Tecnu's Earring Doug Judson

    2 Oct 2013   /  Extreme , Team Tecnu , 2XU Ambassador , Adventure Racing , 2XU   /   0 Comments   /   Comment

    Tecnu Adventure Racing started in 2007 when we stumbled across our amazing partner in Tec Labs and we started off on our amazing journey together testing the boundaries of human endurance. For those of you who don’t know what Tecnu is, it’s a scrub that removes the poison sumac oils from your skin, clothes, dogs, and gear after coming into contact with it. A not so subtle sponsor plug, but we do love them, and their products rock, and have protected us countless times. 

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  • 2XU’s MTB Rider Andy Blair’s Adventure Update!

    2XU Ambassador and mountain bike rider, Andy Blair has kicked off his 2013 in high performing style racing all over the country!  Blair has already participated in several events including National XCM Champs in Atherton QLD, The Convict 100 in St Albans and currently racing the mighty Ingkerreke Mountain Bike Enduro in Alice Springs.

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  • Day One 2XU Aussie Allstars update!

    28 Nov 2012   /  Swisse Mark Webber Tasmanian Challenge , Aaron Royle , Adventure Racing , Brendan Sexton   /   0 Comments   /   Comment

    Day One of the Swisse Mark Webber Tasmanian Challenge kicked off yesterday with the team completing 16 activities before tackling the day’s 72km trail on foot, bike and water.

    Our Team 2XU Aussie Allstars consisting of Olympian Brendan Sexton and Under 23 ITU World Champion Aaron Royle were both put to the test throughout the days’ activities and finished 7th overall, which is a huge effort! Below a very tired Brendan touched base with 2XU HQ last night:  

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  • 2XU's Dominic Cadden Shares a Dirty Little Secret...

    7 Oct 2012   /  Powerlifting , Dominic Cadden , 2XU Triathlon , Adventure Racing , Mark Webber Challenge , 2XU , compression   /   0 Comments   /   Comment

    As the Official Apparel Partner of this year's Swisse Mark Webber Challenge (MWC), we're fortunate enough to have several 2XU Ambassdors participating in this year's event.  In addition to our very own 2XU Aussie Olympic All Stars team (Brendan Sexton and 2012 London Triathlon Bronze Medallist Erin Densham) racing down in Tasmania from Nov 28-Dec 2, 2XU's Aussie Powerlifting guru Dominic Cadden will also venture down south for a spot of adventure in the wild.  

    We asked him to share a couple of training updates and stumbled upong a dirty little secret...

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  • 2XU All Stars Steps up for 2012 Swisse Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge

    7 Oct 2012   /  2XU Triathlon , Adventure Racing , Triathlete , Brendan Sexton , Mark Webber Challenge , Mark Webber   /   0 Comments   /   Comment

    As the Official Apparel Partner of this year's Swisse Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge (SMWTC), we're fortunate enough to have our very own team racing down in Tasmania from Nov 28-Dec 2.  This year, we'll be represented by our 2XU Aussie All Stars Olympian Brendan Sexton and 2012 London Triathlon Bronze Medallist Erin Densham; both of whom will be making their SMWTC debut.  In anticipation, we've asked them to share a couple of training updates on how they're preparing for this mighty race.  Brendan up first...

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  • 2XU's Jarad Kohlar takes 3rd at the Australasian Multisport Champs!

    9 Jun 2011   /  Jarad Kohlar , Australasion Multisport Championship , Adventure Racing   /   0 Comments   /   Comment

    2XU's Jarad Kohlar was the first Aussie across the finish line and took 3rd overall at the Australasian Multisport Championship race in Rotorua in NZ last weekend.

    Check out his race report:

    “Up, up, up!” I scream to myself. Two boat-lengths ahead, on my right, is a K1, and on my left, Richard ‘Crusher’ Ussher is slowly pulling level with me. After a few hard strokes around the first turning buoy, I find myself on the outside of the corner and off the Crusher’s wash. If only I was paddling one of the four K1s I own back in Australia!

    “Stroke rate, catch, up, up, up!” I scream to myself again, determined to stay close. Jetski wash and wave bounce-back from the shoreline help as we approach the second turning buoy. Now I find myself about two boat-lengths off Richard’s wash, with New Zealander, Sam Clark, powering up on my left. This young kid can paddle! I hang on to his wash as he puts the power down along the length of Lake Okareka, before hitting the third buoy. At this point, Richard is about 50 metres in front, working well with a team paddler. Sam and myself work well together until the end of the paddle, and we hit the shore about 100 metres behind Richard.

    I’ve paddled in my MTB shoes, so I manage to have a fast transition and am out on the ride in second place. After doing a recky of the MTB course on Friday, I know what I’m in for, and am looking forward to this ride even though my legs aren’t! The first three kilometers is a solid climb on bitumen. My legs don’t like this one bit, and Sam comes past me. Then I can hear this humming sound coming from behind me. At first I think it’s a swam of bees or wasps, but it’s Kiwi Dougal Allen’s nobbies on the bitumen! I swear he is braking into some of those corners going uphill. Next to pass me is Grant Suckling – he has had had a rough paddle with boat and rudder issues, and now has a look of concentration and determination on his face.

     About six kilometres into the ride we hit the gravel, and it’s around now that my legs start to smile, as they know the fun is about to begin. I can still see Grant and Sam and I’m actually closing the gap on them – they both enter Corners about 40 seconds before me.

     “Hands off the brakes and enjoy the ride,” I tell myself, and before long I’ve passed Sam – I’m loving my new Trek. With a 2.25 Nobby Nic on the font and a 2.1 Racing Ralf on the rear, it is time to let gravity do its thing. Thank you Schwalbe for the grip in these wet and tricky conditions!

     It’s not long before I slowly pull the gap back on Grant. It’s hard to pass on the tight single track, so I sit on his wheel for about five minutes before I manage to squeeze past on his left.

    “Why don’t you do more training?!” my legs scream at me. “Come on, only 40 minutes of some of the best single track in the world to go,” I reply.  Head down, I put myself in the hurt box, with ferns, double jumps, roots, camera and film crews, bridges, switchbacks, mud and water all flying past.

     Into the run TA I am about five minutes behind Richard and Dougal. I know I’m not going to catch them now, so I have a very conservative run, not really pushing myself, just maintaining my position. I cross the finish line in third place.  I’m content with the result, and happy to have competed on one of the most enjoyable multisport courses I’ve experienced.

     Thanks to the race organisers for a great event.  I’ll be back next year, for sure! 

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