Successful times on the slopes for Katya Crema

Successful times on the slopes for Katya Crema

Our favourite ski bunny Katya Crema has had a hugely successful few weeks skiing back in Australia. Taking out the famous 'Top 2 Bottom' race at Thredbo and winning on the weekend at Hotham to now claim the National Ski Champion title for 2013!

Katya check is ahead of jetting off to New Zealand to keep the momentum going and prepare for Sochi.

Kicking off the competition season was Thredbo’s famous “Top 2 Bottom” race; a Chinese downhill from, as the title suggests, the top of Thredbo to the bottom. The race starts with a head-to-head sprint for about 60m, skis and poles in hand. Once you reach the first gate, it’s skis on as fast as you possibly can, and a head-to-head downhill race to the bottom. Similar to ski cross but without the jumps! This event is about the only excuse we ex-Alpine now ski cross racers have to put a downhill suit back on! And it feels oh so good….

I finished the sprint in third, and managed to make two passes in the downhill part of the race and take out the win.

To witness what the hectic race was like from my perspective, take a look at the head cam footage….

To more recent news, the SSA Ski Cross National Championships were held this weekend at Mount Hotham. The plan was to hold two races, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Unfortunately the weather didn’t quite go to plan!

On Saturday we raced two qualification races. I won both races, securing two qualification wins coming into finals. Today’s double race finals were unfortunately cancelled due to gale force winds, fog and fresh snow. The race was decided on qualification times which makes me National Ski Champion for 2013 which is great. Definitely not the way I would have liked to win; head-to-head competition is always more fun!  But I’ll take the win none the less.

On Sunday I will travel to New Zealand with the Australian Ski Cross Team for a four and a half week training camp. We will be based at Mt Hutt for the first two weeks, then Cardrona for the last two and a half weeks. Joining us on a ski cross track will be the Canadian Ski Cross team, as well as the Australian Border Cross team, and a bunch of other athletes.

I am very much looking forward to training on a full-length technical ski cross course. Hopefully it is ideal prep for Sochi!

We cant wait to help support Katya over the next few months and cheer her on at Sochi!

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