Selfless Support by 2XU Athlete Branden Rakita

Selfless Support by 2XU Athlete Branden Rakita

As a sport, triathlon is an individual endeavor.  Everyone takes time out of their day to put in the work, the majority of the time, in solo efforts, each stroke, each turn of the pedal and every stride is all put forth with our own solo effort.  Every racer, including every “participant”, in every race, from the first to the last athlete across the line gets there on their own free will and choice.   In each race there is not one time where we can place that effort or burden to get to the end on anyone else like you can in team sports.

No matter how solitary the training may be and how much effort each racer has put into every lap in the pool, grunt up the local hill climb and stride around the track, there are an overwhelming number of people behind each and every one of us. They are our team; friends, family, sponsors, etc.

They are there from the day we decided to take up the sport, to the last step we take in our last race.  Sponsors help put clothing on our backs, equipment under us, and give us the nutrition to keep going.  Through each injury, our doctors get us back out running, biking and swimming so we can torment our bodies just a little more.  Our friends and family suffer through every training session, wake up at every alarm, and stand around in every condition imaginable to cheer us on for a brief moment as we speed by, to then wait for our return.  Though we may be the one on the course, each victory is equally theirs as it is ours, just as much for each loss, they feel as much, when we cross the finish line.

I will never stop trying but I do not think that I can ever repay the help and support to everyone that has helped me get to where I am today.  Take every opportunity possible to support them when they are out trying to achieve their own goals, through the good times and bad, no matter what it is.


- Branden Rakita


Photo Credit: Nils Nilsen

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