• 2XU's Jarad Kohlar takes 3rd at the Australasian Multisport Champs!

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    2XU's Jarad Kohlar was the first Aussie across the finish line and took 3rd overall at the Australasian Multisport Championship race in Rotorua in NZ last weekend.

    Check out his race report:

    “Up, up, up!” I scream to myself. Two boat-lengths ahead, on my right, is a K1, and on my left, Richard ‘Crusher’ Ussher is slowly pulling level with me. After a few hard strokes around the first turning buoy, I find myself on the outside of the corner and off the Crusher’s wash. If only I was paddling one of the four K1s I own back in Australia!

    “Stroke rate, catch, up, up, up!” I scream to myself again, determined to stay close. Jetski wash and wave bounce-back from the shoreline help as we approach the second turning buoy. Now I find myself about two boat-lengths off Richard’s wash, with New Zealander, Sam Clark, powering up on my left. This young kid can paddle! I hang on to his wash as he puts the power down along the length of Lake Okareka, before hitting the third buoy. At this point, Richard is about 50 metres in front, working well with a team paddler. Sam and myself work well together until the end of the paddle, and we hit the shore about 100 metres behind Richard.

    I’ve paddled in my MTB shoes, so I manage to have a fast transition and am out on the ride in second place. After doing a recky of the MTB course on Friday, I know what I’m in for, and am looking forward to this ride even though my legs aren’t! The first three kilometers is a solid climb on bitumen. My legs don’t like this one bit, and Sam comes past me. Then I can hear this humming sound coming from behind me. At first I think it’s a swam of bees or wasps, but it’s Kiwi Dougal Allen’s nobbies on the bitumen! I swear he is braking into some of those corners going uphill. Next to pass me is Grant Suckling – he has had had a rough paddle with boat and rudder issues, and now has a look of concentration and determination on his face.

     About six kilometres into the ride we hit the gravel, and it’s around now that my legs start to smile, as they know the fun is about to begin. I can still see Grant and Sam and I’m actually closing the gap on them – they both enter Corners about 40 seconds before me.

     “Hands off the brakes and enjoy the ride,” I tell myself, and before long I’ve passed Sam – I’m loving my new Trek. With a 2.25 Nobby Nic on the font and a 2.1 Racing Ralf on the rear, it is time to let gravity do its thing. Thank you Schwalbe for the grip in these wet and tricky conditions!

     It’s not long before I slowly pull the gap back on Grant. It’s hard to pass on the tight single track, so I sit on his wheel for about five minutes before I manage to squeeze past on his left.

    “Why don’t you do more training?!” my legs scream at me. “Come on, only 40 minutes of some of the best single track in the world to go,” I reply.  Head down, I put myself in the hurt box, with ferns, double jumps, roots, camera and film crews, bridges, switchbacks, mud and water all flying past.

     Into the run TA I am about five minutes behind Richard and Dougal. I know I’m not going to catch them now, so I have a very conservative run, not really pushing myself, just maintaining my position. I cross the finish line in third place.  I’m content with the result, and happy to have competed on one of the most enjoyable multisport courses I’ve experienced.

     Thanks to the race organisers for a great event.  I’ll be back next year, for sure! 

  • 2XU signs performance partnership with Melbourne Ballet Company

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    2XU has formed yet another powerful partnership this time with local esteemed dance group, the Melbourne Ballet Company (MBC). 2XU will supply its high performance Compression garments to the Company’s stable of 15 dancers for use during rehearsals, afterward for recovery and general athletic training across the season. 

    Having aligned with the MBC for its 2008 season of Emerge, a contemporary work focusing on the athletic prowess of dancers, 2XU has long been privy to the phenomenal physical demands of dance, particularly at the elite level.   

    “We’re thrilled to be partnering with 2XU,” said MBC Artistic Director Alisa Finney.   

    "Support from 2XU offers us a valuable opportunity to promote dance as not only an art form, but legitimate elite sport in itself.  2XU Compression is integral to an MBC dancer’s daily training regime; enabling them to achieve the most from every performance, rehearsal and training session in the studio,” said Finney.

     With a relentless commitment to engineering world-class garments from fabrics delivering tangible benefits to the wearer, 2XU sets the benchmark in high performance compression.  Ongoing testing, research and consultation with professional sporting bodies of such caliber as the MBC are integral to the brand’s winning formula.

     “2XU is delighted to embark on this new alliance,” said Aidan Clarke 2XU Director of Sales and Marketing. 

     “As a brand driven by an endless pursuit for excellence in athletic apparel, partnership with the Melbourne Ballet Company, the body responsible for producing some of Australia’s finest athletes, makes perfect sense,” said Clarke.

  • 2XU's Brendan Sexton blitzed the field in Mexico!

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    2XU Triathlete Brendan Sexton continues to seek out his Olympic dream with a  maiden win at the ITU World Cup in Monterrey, northern Mexico at the start of the month. The extremely hot conditions saw 25 year old Sexton push away from the field in the run leg after a hard swim and take home his first major international win.  European champion Frederic Belaubre of France, took second place and the Ishigaki World Cup winner American Hunter Kemper, who was 15 seconds behind in third.

    This is certainly calling out to the Australian selectors and to his two main Australian rivals, 2008 Olympians Brad Kahlefeldt and Courtney Atkinson, that he’s looking at taking a spot in the Australian 2012 London Olympics team!

    "The selectors know that I've got talent and that I've got the ambition to do well but they want to see athletes who can win races rather than (just) do well so hopefully I've proved a point that when it comes to the crunch that I can actually cross the line first," said Sexton.

    Brendan is already on his way to France to continue to push for his Olympic dream!

  • North Melbourne's Andrew Swallow joins Team 2XU Compression

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    Yep...we've just signed another Aussie sporting champion!

    This time, AFL North Melbourne young gun Andrew Swallow has joined our team of 2XU Ambassadors. The acclaimed North Melbourne midfielder will train, play and recover in Compression to enjoy an array of physiological benefits; from improved circulation and heightened agility to reduced muscle fatigue and damage.

    Read the full article >

  • 2XU sponsored teamTBB's Caroline Steffen claims first IM Victory!

    1 May 2011   /  Port Macquarie , Team TBB , Caroline Steffen , 2XU Triathlon , Ironman   /   0 Comments   /   Comment

    A huge congratulations to 2XU sponsored teamTBB star Caroline 'Xena' Steffen on first WTC Ironman victory yesterday! Steffen went into the iconic Port Mac race as the hot favourite and delivered despite tough circumstances.

    On the bike, Steffen came up against two punctures after having built an 11-minute lead by the 90k marker. Despite this, she entered T2 9 minutes clear of the next pro woman. Steffen felt strong on the run but an old foot injury surfaced and forced her to jog home, surviving to protect her lead and take the victory.

    A total of 7 teamTBB athletes raced across 3 continents this weekend. For all the official race reports, athlete blogs and forum discussions please check: www.teamtbb.com

  • 2XU's Cam Brown takes 3rd at Port Macquarie!

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    An awesome performance by 2XU Ambassador & 10 x Ironman NZ Champ Cameron Brown at yesterday’s  70.3 Half Ironman in Port Macquarie. Cam gave us the insight to his journey yesterday!

    Hi there

    Well I had a pretty good race here at the 70.3 Port Macquarie Half Ironman in Australia after puncturing late in the bike. Out of the swim I was with the main contenders of Joe Gambles and Leon Griffen of Australia, we were 1:15 down out of the 2km swim but quickly made up that lost time taking the lead at around the 35km mark. The bike course follows the coast line south and was fairly hilly for the first 15km. After that it flattened out but the road surface made up for any hills, plus a solid head wind made the first 45km tough going. I was feeling good but at the 75km mark I punctured and found myself 4-5mins down by the time we got back to transition, I managed to just catch up to the 2nd group coming off the bike and ran out of T2 in 8th place. I thought there was no way I would be on the podium after my mishap as I didn't feel like my running legs were ready to put in a good run spilt but as every kilometer passed I felt a little better and started picking of the guys in front one by one. With 3km to go I finally managed to pass Christian Kemp and make the podium which was great considering the time I lost on the bike.

    It's now back to New Zealand for the final few weeks of training before
    Challenge Ironman Cairns on June 5th.

    Kind Regards Cameron Brown

    1 GAMBLES, Joe 5/1/1 29/Pro 00:24:32 02:14:11 01:17:31 03:58:15
    2 BERKEL, Tim 7/5/2 27/Pro 00:24:35 02:19:49 01:15:22 04:01:40
    3 BROWN, Cameron 8/9/3 39/Pro 00:24:36 02:19:55 01:16:53 04:03:22

    Can’t wait to see Cam multiply his performance at Challenge Ironman Cairns next month!

  • Cam Brown makes it a perfect 10!

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    2XU Ambassador Cameron Brown made it a perfect 10 at the 27th Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Ironman New Zealand in Taupo earlier this month.

    Brown blitzed the field in 8hr 31min 7sec to take home his 10th Ironman New Zealand victory in appalling conditions that saw the 1500 strong field, spectators and volunteers  endure non-stop rain from start to finish. 

    The 38 year old Aucklander become the first triathlete in the world to win the same Ironman race 10 times and said it would take time for the win to sink in. “I used to go and watch this race in Auckland as a kid and dream about going in it. To win it once was fantastic. But to do it 10 times is pretty special,” Brown said. “I’ve not really had the chance for it to sink it.”

    He finished nearly 10min ahead of second placed Terenzzo Bozzone's.  Third place went to Switzerland’s Mathias Hecht who finished in 8hr 45min 36sec.

    While more than happy to win his 10th Ironman in 11 years, Brown said he would trade them all in for just one victory at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

    "It's pretty special what I did today, but I still want to win Hawaii - that's probably the ultimate goal. I'd probably trade all these wins for a win in Hawaii," Brown said.

    2XU weekend warrior Liam Friary also finished his first Ironman in a time 11h 08m 51s, an awesome feat for our newest ambassador!

  • One Hot Minute with Andrew Swallow

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    One Hot Minute with North Melbourne’s gun midfielder Andrew Swallow!

    FULL NAME:  Andrew Swallow


    TEAM + POSITION:  North Melbourne/  Midfielder

    Read the full article >

  • 2XU signs high performance partnership with teamTBB

    20 Feb 2011   /  Alex Bok , 2XU Cycle , Team TBB , 2XU sponsorship , 2XU Compression , 2XU Triathlon   /   0 Comments   /   Comment

    We're proud to announce another progression for 2XU in elite sporting circles!  This time, we've signed an exclusive two year agreement as the Official Performance Apparel Supplier of highly acclaimed international Triathlon team teamTBB.  As of this month, all teamTBB athletes will kit up in our world leading Triathlon, Cycle, Run and Compression apparel for training, racing and recovery.    

    As the existing supplier of uniforms and apparel to the likes of Triathlon Australia, Triathlon New Zealand, Rowing Australia, Rowing New Zealand and the Official Compression Partner of the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), Swimming Australia and many others, alliance with teamTBB marks a logical next step for us.

    teamTBB Manager Alex Bok is delighted with the new alliance.  "We’ve watched 2XU dominate the triathlon circuit for some time now and have been itching to get our athletes into the brand’s highly revered performance apparel.”

    “The true beauty of this new partnership, however, is that we’ve now secured a sponsor who can not only supply us with exemplary triathlon gear for training and racing, but outstanding Cycle, Run and Compression apparel too,” said Bok.  

    “As the Official Compression Partner of the AIS, 2XU’s world-leading Compression collection was of particular interest to us.  In 2011 we have 20 superstars to take care of across three geographical teams; teamTBB USA, teamTBB Germany and teamTBB AustraliaAsia.  Recovery is a critical component of our training formula, and we’ll be getting all teamTBB athletes in 2XU’s winning Compression garments as soon as possible.”

    Under the comprehensive agreement, 2XU will supply its own Compression garments to all team members and engineer an extensive teamTBB custom collection including triathlon apparel for racing alongside run and cycle garments for training.  

    “Working with the world’s finest athletes and sporting institutes is integral to 2XU’s high performance formula,” said 2XU Director of Sales and Marketing, Aidan Clarke. 

    “We’re delighted to add teamTBB to our enviable list of respected sporting partners.

    With 20 Pro athletes across three teams including the currently number 1 ranked athletes James Cunnama and Caroline Steffen and another four of the top 10 currently ranked female pro athletes worldwide, we can see an exciting year in store for teamTBB.  We look forward to being part of it.”  

    With 20 Pro athletes across three teams including the currently number 1 ranked athletes James Cunnama and Caroline Steffen and another four of the top 10 currently ranked female pro athletes worldwide, we can see an exciting year in store for teamTBB.  We look forward to being part of it.”

  • Wetsuit wins 220 Tri Mag's Innovative Product of the Year!

    15 Feb 2011   /  Project X , 2XU wetsuit   /   0 Comments   /   Comment

    2XU’s Project X:1 Wetsuit has been voted ‘Innovative Product of the Year’ by the readers of UK’s leading Triathlon Magazine, 220Triathlon. 

    Unveiled at the 2009 World Ironman Champs in Hawaii, our Project X:1 Wetsuit represents a revolution in high performance wetsuit technology and is undoubtedly one of our most supremely engineered garments.  A true leader in its field, the X:1 has set a new benchmark and has won an array of fans across the globe since inception.   The readers of the coveted 220Triathlon Magazine certainly know their stuff!

    For a full list of other winners check out the 220 Triathlon Awards 2011.

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