Meet 2XU Ambassador &  World Record Holding Water Skier, Chris Parrish

Meet 2XU Ambassador & World Record Holding Water Skier, Chris Parrish

Chris Parrish is a 3 time World Record Holder, 3 time Moomba Masters Champ and a 2 time US Masters and US Open Champ in waterski.  This guy is an animal and has been working hard to continue the evolution of the sport since he turned pro at 15 years old!

How did you get into competitive water skiing?

It's really interesting how I got into the sport and even more the science behind how my father used space shuttle technology to train me, referring to how the space shuttle is a glider re-entering the atmosphere and makes a series of s-turns. There is a certain amount of energy used there, it's pretty bizarre but it worked and it was ingrained in me at a young age, 2 yrs old, and by 15 I was one of the youngest skiers ever to qualify and start skiing on the Pro Water- Ski Tour.

What is like competing at a pro level?

Competing at the pro level is a part of my everyday life and I absolutely love it and feel very blessed to do it!  I love how it's a new challenge , new adventure. With advancement in nutrition, recovery, better boat designs and ski shapes evolving it's a lot of fun pushing the limits and raising the bar and shooting for another world record !!

When you are done competing, what do you see as your place in the sport?

I'm definitely a very outgoing, positive-energy kinda guy;  I love the sport so much and love helping others , with that being said I see myself being a ski coach one day and have a Chris Parrish Academy in the near future. They're are some outside the sport endeavors I would love to pursue but that's top secret for now!


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Photo Credit: Waterski Magazine

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