• 2XU's Kaleidoscope of Colour Compression

    22 Apr 2013   /  Coloured X Compression , 2XU Compression , 2XU   /   0 Comments   /   Comment

    We have done it again with our brand new Compression collection; this time bringing a vibrant injection of colour to our Tights, a brand spanking new collection of Base Tops for women and socks for both guys and girls!

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  • Melbourne Ballet multiplies their performance in 2XU

    19 Jun 2012   /  Melbourne performance , ballet apparel , recovery , ballet , Melbourne Ballet Company , 2XU Compression   /   0 Comments   /   Comment

    With our hands full of 2XU Compression, we popped in to visit our friends at Melbourne Ballet during a busy day of rehearsals earlier this month.

    Check out Gemma Corlass Brown a soloist dancer with the Ballet as she multiplies her performance in 2XU! All Melbourne Ballet dancers train in 2XU Compression which helps them not only prepare for their rigorous shows, but recover quickly in order to get back on the stage in superb stylle the following night.

  • 2XU signs performance partnership with Melbourne Ballet Company

    30 May 2011   /  Melbourne Ballet Company , 2XU Compression   /   0 Comments   /   Comment

    2XU has formed yet another powerful partnership this time with local esteemed dance group, the Melbourne Ballet Company (MBC). 2XU will supply its high performance Compression garments to the Company’s stable of 15 dancers for use during rehearsals, afterward for recovery and general athletic training across the season. 

    Having aligned with the MBC for its 2008 season of Emerge, a contemporary work focusing on the athletic prowess of dancers, 2XU has long been privy to the phenomenal physical demands of dance, particularly at the elite level.   

    “We’re thrilled to be partnering with 2XU,” said MBC Artistic Director Alisa Finney.   

    "Support from 2XU offers us a valuable opportunity to promote dance as not only an art form, but legitimate elite sport in itself.  2XU Compression is integral to an MBC dancer’s daily training regime; enabling them to achieve the most from every performance, rehearsal and training session in the studio,” said Finney.

     With a relentless commitment to engineering world-class garments from fabrics delivering tangible benefits to the wearer, 2XU sets the benchmark in high performance compression.  Ongoing testing, research and consultation with professional sporting bodies of such caliber as the MBC are integral to the brand’s winning formula.

     “2XU is delighted to embark on this new alliance,” said Aidan Clarke 2XU Director of Sales and Marketing. 

     “As a brand driven by an endless pursuit for excellence in athletic apparel, partnership with the Melbourne Ballet Company, the body responsible for producing some of Australia’s finest athletes, makes perfect sense,” said Clarke.

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