Ambassador Spotlight - Tony Spineto

Ambassador Spotlight - Tony Spineto

Meet Tony Spineto, 2XU Ambassador, and challenged athlete who is defying the odds.  Born with clubfoot, Tony battles through pain everyday to compete in IRONMAN events and has dedicated his life to being an example to those living with a disability, that anything is possible.

I was born with Congenital Bilateral Talipes Equinovarus or known simply as clubfoot. Growing up I was told that I would not be able to run or walk very well and I would not be able to participate in sports because I would be in a wheelchair. I was encouraged to be inactive to reduce any long term damage and reduce the chances of complications as I grew older. Needless to say, for many years I lived a very unhealthy lifestyle, letting my disability control much of my attitude and self worth. In my twenties I gained a significant amount of weight and at my heaviest I weighed 260 pounds at 5’8.

Then, eight years ago my wife and I received deviating news that my son would also be born with clubfoot. Devastated, I decided that I needed to do something to prove to my son that anything is possible regardless of our limitations. It was at that point that I entered my first sprint triathlon with no expectations but to have fun. I quickly fell in love with the sport and lifestyle and 8 years on, I've found I can use the platform of triathlon to spread awareness about clubfoot.

I have completed numerous triathlons at all distances including half and full IRONMAN events and am now training and racing in hopes of competing in the ITU national and world championships. It is my desire to be the first to race at this level with clubfoot. I am also  hoping to raise awareness at the IRONMAN level to allow for more paratriathletes to be able to qualify for spots at the IRONMAN World Championships.

I currently work with and support several non profits including MiracleFeet, which trains doctors in developing countries in non-surgical methods to correct clubfoot. For only $300 and child can be given the gift of walking and running. My hope is the through my work and my sport I can help people reach their fullest potential regardless of circumstances dealt to them.

Each day my disability causes me pain and makes it difficult to participate in the activities I love, however, the desire to help others overcome the challenges they face, and to be an example to my son drives me to achieve more than I ever thought possible.  I am proud to say my son has completed three triathlons and is now himself, an example to those who live with a disability.


Read more about Tony at his website or follow him on Facebook.

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