Adjusting and Evolving - 2XU Ambassador Discusses His Training

Adjusting and Evolving - 2XU Ambassador Discusses His Training

Learning to adjust and evolve is an integral part of being an athlete; you can't control the weather or what other people do out on the course but you can adapt!  2XU Ambassador, James Capparell discusses how a new job and move caused a total shake up in his training routine and how he dealt with some major transitions.

So far this year I’ve been faced with a few big changes in my life, but have been able to work through them and get my workouts in, staying focused on my goals for the season. 2014 started with a change in jobs that allowed me to pursue an opportunity to work for a great company and advance my professional career. Consequently, my new job schedule significantly differs from the structured routine that I became used to in the past 2 years  in Pittsburgh. This drastic change in work schedule took me out of my comfort zone and forced me to make  adjustments and add flexibility to my training routine.

Moving back to New Jersey for my new job, I quickly realized that I was going to be doing the majority of my training in 2014 on my own. This has been a big adjustment for me personally because the majority of my triathlon training to date has been in a group setting. Although it’s been new for me, I’ve enjoyed the  mental challenges I now face in my training on a daily basis. I’ve had to adjust for the lack of a training group by being more diligent in planning workouts, but I’ve found that having a weekly plan and setting my workouts in front of me at the beginning of the week helps me  focus on getting the necessary workouts completed.

In addition to my new job, the east coast was battling a long winter with snow storms into March and freezing temperatures lasting into April. This has forced me to perform multiple long rides on my indoor bike trainer and long runs in freezing temperatures (again, more mental tests). I enjoy the winter months because they allow me to refocus on the details of each of the 3 disciplines and give me time to relax after a long race season, but this winter has been too much! I’m welcoming the warmer spring weather with open arms (even if it means a few workouts in the rain).

2014 for me is about refining the details in the pool, on the bike, and on the road. I know if I put in the hard work and focus on the details across all 3  disciplines I’ll put together some fast races and hopefully qualify for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Mont Tremblant in September and then re-qualify for Kona 2015 at Ironman Florida in November. I’m looking forward to a healthy, happy, and successful 2014. I’ll see you all on the starting line!

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