2XU’s Peter Taylor Ready to tackle the 2013 World Rowing Champs in South Korea

2XU’s Peter Taylor Ready to tackle the 2013 World Rowing Champs in South Korea

2XU Olympic Rowing Champ Peter Taylor and the rest of the New Zealand team have left rowing headquarters in Cambridge and have set themselves up in the heart of Chungju, South Korea in preparation for the 2013 World Rowing Championships. The kick off date is the 25th of August, and goes through til 1st of September.

While Peter gets use to the sweltering climate conditions of South Korea he checks in with 2XU to talk all things pre race week!

Hi there 2XU,

We have wound up our training block at our home base in Cambridge (Lake Karapiro) and have now touched down at the venue of the 2013 World Rowing Champs, Chungju in South Korea. 

We have had a differing time back in New Zealand since our World Cup win in Lucerne. It took a week to get back into the swing of training and then we started to knock out some serious sessions, with a main focus of getting faster. As we build up to our finale event of the season, we get to do more and more speed work, and this is what we row for, getting that awesome speed that such a small amount of rowers can achieve.

Injuries and illness has been kind to us in the winter weeks that the Waikato dealt to us; however we did get a scare the day before we were to leave New Zealand. James had strained his knee ligament at home while stepping over a dog fence, it just shows you that anything can get us. Thankfully, it wasn’t serious and he was back in the boat the next day. Phew.

Now in Chungju, a town city about a 2 hour bus ride south of Seoul and pretty much right bang in the middle of South Korea. We are staying at a business hotel up on a hill with nothing around us. We  take a 20min bus ride to the lake which is brown with green slime, and the odd dead rat and fish floating by. How appealing.

The temperature is right up there too, getting close to 40 degrees yesterday. I have been to a few hot countries before, Taiwan, China, Slovenia and all these came in 2nd to what I, and the rest of the team experienced yesterday. The noticeable effect is how much harder the body has to work to keep operating. This is the reason why we are one of the first teams here, to allow our body to adjust so that it is totally normalized well before racing comes along.

So, now, we are nearing our taper program which kicks off in a few days time with a full noise 2000m race. Then we cut the training right back and begin to freshen up. The World Rowing Championships begins on Sunday 25th Aug, with our first race on the Monday and winds up the following Sunday 1st September.


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