2XU's Cait Snow Ran Down the Competiton in Kona - Full Race Recap

2XU's Cait Snow Ran Down the Competiton in Kona - Full Race Recap

Talk about running down the competition!  Cait ran herself up 10 spots from the bike to the run and in one of the most exciting moments in this nail bitting race, she over took Meredith Kessler in the last few seconds before the finish line to place 6th in the Women's Pro race!  Here is Cait's full race recap!


The swim was interesting.  I had a great start, but a tactical error left me flying solo for a good portion of the swim.  On the way back in, as I approached the pier, I was swallowed by the chase pack.  As frustrating as that was, it was even more encouraging – I was able to get off the line much faster than I ever have before.  In years past, I have had to work very hard to hold onto the chase pack.  This year, although I was not with the lead girls, I was being chased by the chase pack!

I had more fun on this ride than I ever have in any IM, before!  Over the past year, the focus has been cycling and becoming a cyclist.  More than anything, this involved an attitude adjustment – thinking and behaving like a cyclist.  By adding multiple group rides and high intensity cycling sessions to my weekly protocol, my confidence on the bike grew throughout the season.  Coming into the event, not only was I physically fit, but I was also mentally primed and ready to race.  I pushed the ride harder, and hung with girls that have, in the past, blown right by me, with the peace of mind that the minute or two it may cost me on the run would be outweighed by the many minutes saved on the bike.

Photo Credit: Dave Paterson

I eased into the first few miles of the run, allowing my legs to adjust and my core temperature to come back down, following the bike.  As I built through the middle miles, I got into a nice rhythm, and just focused on pushing one mile at a time.  Coming out of the energy lab, I felt decent, and, as the crowds picked up on the way back to town, I was able to begin to push the pace a bit and catch a couple of girls.  I was in ninth place with about three miles to go.  This is when I first saw the back of eighth place, and began to close in on her.  By the top of Palani, I had my sights set on seventh, but I knew that it was going to take a hard effort to catch her in time.  I threw myself down the hill, blowing through the aid station at mile 25, and using the momentum to make the pass as the hill bottomed out, and we turned onto Kuakini.  A moment later, spectators began shouting, “She’s right there!  You can get her!”, but I didn’t know what they were talking about.  I had just passed “her”!  Then I saw the green kit of the woman in sixth place.  Oh, geez!  If I’m going to get her, it’s going to take absolutely EVERYTHING!  She’s still moving pretty well…Let’s go!  I leaned even further into my stride, and just shut my mind off.  I briefly lost sight of her as she turned onto Hualalai, and got a quick glimpse before she disappeared, again, onto Ali’i.  When I turned onto Ali’i, I glued my eyes to her back, and willed all of my energy to my legs for the last quarter mile.  The crowd was going absolutely bananas, as we pushed towards the finish.  I remember thinking, “Wow!  It is SO loud right now!”  Just as we entered the finish chute, I slipped into sixth place.  I crossed the line with one very satisfying thought in my head – I had given the day everything that I had.


- Cait Snow


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