2XU welcomes WITSUP Scholarship Winner Hanna Whiteside

2XU welcomes WITSUP Scholarship Winner Hanna Whiteside

After a successful inaugural year the WITSUP (Women in Triathlon) Scholarship is back for the 2013/14 season with this year’s lucky winner Melbourne based triathlete Hanna Whiteside!

26 year old Hanna from the Nunawading Triathlon squad, was amongst the eight finalists in the running to become this years WITSUP scholarship ambassador, and was selected as the deserving winner, for her humble-nature and gratitude towards the program. As the recipient, Hanna will receive over $18,000 worth of product/services from not just 2XU, but 11 other companies who are supporting this great initiative.

Hanna first got into triathlon after taking part in a six week training program with the Nunawading triathlon club, and has lived and breathed triathlon ever since. Her one piece of advice that she now stands by is, “Race. Just once. You will never look back.” She certainly hasn’t.

The foundation of WITSUP is an online portal to provide information and education on the world of triathlon, and with the Scholarship Ambassadorship program, it provides women with the opportunity to improve their performance and receive the benefits and gains that sponsored athletes get. 2XU will provide Hanna with all things triathlon and compression apparel throughout her annual scholarship.

Once the excitement of winning has settled in, Hanna will compete in a number of up and coming races and in representation of the 2XU brand! She will participate in her first ever Ironman event in Melbourne in March 2014.

We look forward to following Hanna’s journey and supporting her along the way.

Congrats Hanna!

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