2XU Run Groups are here!

2XU Run Groups are here!

2XU is thrilled to announce the beginning of the 2XU Summer Run Groups!  These local events will be hosted at the 2XU Retail Performance Centers in Santa Monica and Newport Beach and are open to every age, every skill level, everyone!   Courses are set by our run leaders and are accessible to every runner.   Each store will also partner with other companies to provide refreshments, give aways and deals on select days.

We encourage all of you to get out there, meet some great new people, and stay fit!

2XU Santa Monica Run Group will meet every Thursday at 6:30pm starting May 1st.

1512 Montana Ave | Santa Monica | CA | 90402



2XU Newport Beach Run Group will meet the first and third Thursday of each month at 6:00pm beginning May 1st.

1065 Newport Centre Drive | Newport Beach | CA | 92660



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