Men's A:1 Active Wetsuit

Men's A:1 Active Wetsuit


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Men's A:1 Active Wetsuit Black/Vibrant Green

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  • Black/Vibrant Green


Engineered from 100% Japanese Yamamoto neoprene, 2XU’s A:1 is designed for athletes demanding optimal flotation and flexibility, without the expense. Proprietary 2XU features include Concave Water Entrapment Zones (CWEZ) on the forearm, Rollbar for enhanced body positioning, Floating Zip Panel for extended reach and 39 Cell Front Buoyancy Panel for elevation in the water.

Bringing top end technology to entry level swimmers, 2XU has also included Velocity Strakes in a SCS coated front chest panel for heightened body positioning and streamlined tracking through the water. Complete with a two year warranty, the A:1 offers industry leading quality in a great value suit.

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Care Instructions


An expert fitting of a 2XU Wetsuit is the first and foremost way to ensure its performance benefits are maximised. Learning and understanding the basic principles of getting in and out of your Wetsuit is also of significance in terms of saving valuable time when racing; particularly for triathlon transitions.

Practising removal technique in training, especially with a wet wetsuit, is of far greater benefit to an athlete than using unnecessarily large quantities of petroleum-based lubricant to assist with wetsuit removal.

Purchasing a 2XU Wetsuit at any 2XU Performance Centre (participating stores*), will ensure an expertly fitted garment, together with relevant advice when it comes to fit, wear and care.


2XU Wetsuits are engineered from a very high quality Japanese Yamamoto neoprene. The neoprene is at risk of breaking down if exposed (or over-exposed) to petroleum based lubricants. Non-petroleum based and water-based products are recommended. These include:

  • Body Glide
  • Lanolin
  • Papaw Cream
  • Any substance with ingredients such as beeswax combined with some sort of oil- olive oil, jojoba, sweet almond oil, avocado oil
  • A substance which consists of lipids- as these provide moisture, lubrication, and protection- and are plant based thereby adding nutrients and essential fatty acids

Products to avoid include:

  • Vaseline
  • Baby oil
  • Hair conditioner
  • Hair shampoo
  • Hair conditioner
  • Cosmetics

Applying excessive amounts of any substance is unnecessary. A small amount of the non-petroleum based lubricant on the neck directly under both ear lobes where friction with the wetsuit may occur- is advisable.

An athlete may also benefit from using this same lubricant in the underarm region, slightly above the rib cage on each side of the body, and also around the ankles, to further assist the removal of the wetsuit.

With experience, comes knowledge of any other area of the body which may need lubricant application to aid the wetsuit removal process.


After exposure to salt water or chlorine, a 2XU Wetsuit needs immediate (or as soon as possible,) rinsing in fresh, cold water. This can be achieved by filling up a bath tub, a trough or a rubbish bin with cold water and fully immersing the wetsuit in the water. It’s best to rinse the wetsuit inside out to ensure sand and sediment is completely removed.


The most efficient means to dry a 2XU Wetsuit is by allowing it to dry inside out, in the shade. The Wetsuit needs to be kept out of exposure to direct sunlight, and should not be hung while wet (the suit can stretch under its own weight). It’s best to spread the wetsuit out over a piece of outdoor furniture where its weight is equally distributed and the risk of any elongation is reduced.


During long periods of time when a 2XU Wetsuit is not being worn regularly (e.g. Winter; Triathlon/Open-Water Swim off-season,) it is best to lie the wetsuit flat and store in a dry area, e.g. under a bed. Alternatively, the Wetsuit can be folded and stored in a cool, dry area. Hanging the wetsuit is not recommended.


  • SCS coating
  • 39 Cell front buoyancy panel
  • Velocity strakes
  • Concave water entrapment zone
  • Floating zip panel
  • 520% Stretch lining
  • Rollbar

Wetsuits Fit Information

Your suit should fit adequately in terms of both your height and weight. In the case that you fit into more than one size, you should opt for the smaller size. 
While 2XU Wetsuits come in both men’s and women’s styles, some females prefer the fit of a men’s suit. This is fine. 

On the arms, your wetsuit sleeves should finish at least one finger gap in distance from your wrist bone. This will ensure the suit is sitting high enough and does not pull on the shoulders.

In the legs, the wetsuit legs should finish ¾ of the way down your shin. This will ensure the suit is sitting high into the crutch. If sitting too low, the suit will pull on the top of the shoulders.

Around the neck, the wetsuit should be firm but not to the point that breathing is restricted. If the neck bunches at all, the suit is too big. The neck is the number one area water can enter the suit, so it needs to be secure.

  Height (CM) Height (FT) WEIGHT (KG) WEIGHT (LBS)
X SMALL 160-175 5'3"-5'9" 58-68 128-150
SMALL 160-175 5'3"-5'9" 63-70 139-154
SMALL TALL 174-182 5'9"-6'0" 64-72 141-159
SMALL/MED 165-175 5'5"-5'10" 68-75 150-165
MEDIUM 170-184 5'7"-6'0" 72-80 159-176
MEDIUM TALLL 178-193 5'10"-6'4" 74-83 163-183
MEDIUM SOLIDID 168-175 5'5"-5'9" 78-88 172-194
LARGE 175-188 5'9"-6'2" 85-94 187-207
LARGE TALL 180-195 5'11"-6'5" 84-94 185-207
X LARGE 180-200 5'11"-6'7" 92-110 203-243
XX LARGE 180-210 5'11"-6'11" 105-120 231-265
XXX LARGE 180-210 5'11"-6'11" 120-135 265-298

SCS Coating 39 Cell Front Buoyancy Panel Velocity Strakes Concave Water Entrapment Zone Floating Zip Panel 520% Stretch Lining Rollbar 16 Sizes

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  • Anadi S

    I came upon the A:1 when looking for a wetsuit to use swimming in the Pacific off of San Diego, California. I had not owned a wetsuit before so was exactly sure what to get for style and size. A triathlon suit seemed an obvious choice. The harder part was finding one that fit me: 6'4", 175 lbs. The A:1 MT was the only suit I came across that was rated to my height and also weight, though I am at the extreme of both. After a dozen or so uses I'm happy to say that I'm satisfied with the fit. And I'm very satisfied with the design, quality and function of the A:1. It truly meets my needs!
  • Tom V

    Lost some weight so was in the market for a new suit and decided to try 2XU since I was not impressed with a mid range xterra suit. Very glad I did, the fit and performance of this suit far surpasses the xterra for less money. I am 71" and 160lbs, the medium fits well, a little short but would rather it be a little too snug than to big.

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