Men's Compression Tights

Men's Compression Tights


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Now $81.99

/ Was $109.95

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Men's Compression Tights Black/Black

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  • Black/Black


With graduated compression engineering to promote maximum blood flow, the 2XU Compression Tights utilize PWX FLEX fabric to wrap and support the major muscle groups allowing them to fire more efficiently, while promoting increased circulation to reduce fatigue and increase power. Its graduated compression design helps promote circulation (venous return) for improved oxygenation of muscles and reduces muscle damage + fatigue. Made with a flatlock seam construction for reduced chaffing, an antibacterial fabric, and a UPF50+ Sun Protection, 2XU Compression Tights are perfect for training, competing, and recovery.


  • Greater oxygenation of blood for faster recovery
  • Faster muscle warm up pre-exercise
  • Reduced fatigue through less muscle oscillation
  • Reduced muscle soreness
  • Reduced long-term overuse injuries
  • Greater power output
  • Heightened proprioception – awareness of limb placement for agility


Elite MCS Compression Tights :: Utilize a 70 Denier PWX FLEX fabric in the front panel for optimal flexibility and movement with our extra powerful 105 Denier PWX WEIGHT fabric in the rear panel for added quad, hamstring and calf support. MCS (Muscle Containment Stamping) traces over the key muscles, tendon and fascia groups.

Standard Compression Tights:: Made from our 70 Denier PWX FLEX fabric to deliver optimal flexibility and movement.

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Care Instructions

2XU Compression garments require careful washing to protect the fabric and enhance its performance life. All 2XU Compression garments are engineered from powerful, technical and durable fabrics featuring world-class INVISTA LYCRA® fibre.

That said, even world-leading fabrics have product lives. To ensure your 2XU Compression garments deliver optimal performance and durability, we recommend you take the following steps:

  • Rinse in clean, cold water after a workout or swimming - sweat and chlorine will accelerate the degeneration of elastane
  • Hand wash in cold water is recommended. If using a machine, select a cold water setting for delicates.
  • Use a mild detergent - strong detergents can accelerate the degeneration of elastane
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not dry in direct sunlight.


  • The PWX FLEX fabric delivers optimum power and flexibility to protect the abductor, glute, quad, hamstring and calf muscles.
  • Graduated compression increases blood circulation for improved recovery and reduced muscle stiffness post exercise.
  • Drawstring waistband for an adjustable, secure fit.
  • Internal key pocket for essentials.
  • Flatlock seams to reduce chafe for greater comfort.
  • Powerful Invista LYCRA® for exceptional fit, support and recovery.
  • High filament yarns for dryness – wicks sweat from the skin to the fabric exterior.
  • Antibacterial and UPF50+ sun protection.

How should my 2XU Compression garments fit?

Your 2XU Compression garment should fit the body snugly and firmly without uncomfortably ‘cutting in’ to the body.

For specific sizing, please refer to ourᅠ size chart below, taking into consideration that if you’re near the borderline for sizes or you wish to wear your compression garment primarily for recovery purposes, be sure to choose the smaller size where possible.


PWX technology utilises 2 unique fabrics; PWX Compression and 105D/K. Each fabric contains the following product enhancing features:


  1. Superior grade circular knit for 360º stretch + unsurpassed power
  2. Highest grade elastane yarns with invista lycra®
  3. Antibacterial + moisture wicking
  4. UPF 50+ sun protection
  5. Flat Lock stitching for maximum comfort.

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  • Tom W

    Ordered the wrong size and customer service promptly processed my return without delay. Much better quality product than you get from the larger competitors.
  • Knight

    Purchased this pair of 2XU compression pants and received a lot of compliments. They are comfortable and feel great. It is by far the best compression pants I have owned so far. I just ordered my second pair and I can't wait for it to arrive!
  • Joel

    I purchased my first pair of 2XU tights in May 2015. I felt strange about wearing tights. Now their my fav! I love the feel and X design. I tried Under Amour and Addidas, but 2XU by far is the best! These tights feel great and look great!
  • GeeDee

    These are the best compression tights I've ever owned. I also have the compression shorts which I wear in warm weather. The full length keep me warm on cool mornings and provide excellent support to the calf muscles leading to less stress and quicker recovery. They are worth the price. (I've had the shorts for 2 years and they show no signs of wear n tear) Great product 2xu! I also made a mistake with my order and customer service put it right and looked after me. A company who actually values it's customers! I'
  • Gerry

    Talk about feeling much better after wearing these compression pants. Had a long trail run in the morning and if it wasn't for these compression pants I think my legs would still be feeling like tight. The pants absolutely helped with the recovery of my legs.
  • Wayne

    I purchased these compression tights to play basketball in. The material is very comfortable and my soreness after playing was eliminated. Great product overall and I highly recommend them.
  • JackyT

    These are my fifth 2XU purchase. The material used provides the most comfortable compression of all the many brands I've tried. For me, the material has been durable and good for all kinds of weather. Considering the value, I don't think the prices are out of line.
  • Ron

    Worked well. Purchased for support for general training. As good or better than the best Under Armour and definitely better than Nike. Nice tight, locked in feel.
  • TM

    2xu delivers a great product! I run a lot of obstacle races and the muscle support that their compression line gives is second to none! I will continue use 2xu and encourage all to try their products as well
  • Ailibis

    I love these tights. They give me enough support to not have to use any knee braces during long runs, they kept me warm in the winter but never felt too hot in the summer. I swear by them and feel weird running without them.

    However, it's now 9 months since I purchased these and they are really starting to wear down in the groin area. I wish they lasted a little bit longer as they are pretty expensive.
  • James Beadle

    2xu, delivers another great product, 2xx, 5 feet, 10 inches, 260lbs. The material is great, if the size was perfect, they would be 3/4 of an inch shorter.
    I will continue to return and purchase 2xu.
    Many thanks from Durham, NC.
  • JJ

    I purchased the compression tights because I was having trouble with pulling both calf muscles and hamstring muscles which kept sidelining me from regular workouts. Since wearing the product I have not had any pulls, strains etc. Outstanding quality and performance.
  • Schatzie

    I bought these compression pants for my husband as a gift and have to say, it was spot on. My husband was skeptical at first but when he was able to train several days in a row without DOMS, he was hooked. The pants are great quality and have stood up to arduous training.
  • Suslowicz11

    The best pair of workout pants that I have ever worn to workout in. I ran the Boston Marathon 10K Race in these and I am upgrading to the MCS for this years race.

    I would recommend them to anyone that is serious about keeping your body in great shape.
  • Sean

    These compression tights are awesome. They fit and look great. 2XU is well worth the money. You get what you pay for. These are a must for any runner.
  • Spencer

    At first I was slightly skeptical of the "men's running tight fad".... but wow! These compression tights are amazing for before, during, and after activity. I recently had a track meet and wore the tights in between my two events - my legs felt 100% fresh and recovered by the time I had to run my second event.
  • K4E

    I read a review where someone had varicose veins and used these and since I have issues with varicose veins also I thought I would give this product a try. My prescription strength of tights is also 20-30 mmhg; when wearing these tights my legs felt much better. I will definitely be getting a second pair!
  • marciavg

    Loved the tights, the material is impressive, feels like wearing a superhero outfit. They are very flexible and comfortable to wear, adhere very well to the body. Accurate sizing. Also the design is very fashionable.
  • LEE

    These tights are as advertised. Once you purchase them, you will wonder how you ever did without them or how much better you would have been with them a long time ago. I wear them while running long distances (10 mi max for me) or on heavy leg lifting days and the ache that I would get before is not there. I am to the point that I nearly wear them 24/7. I work on my feet all day and it keeps the fatigue at bay. I have several sets, and I will say that it is money well spent.
  • RB Love

    I was prescribed to wear compression socks, leggings or tights with a 20-30 mmhg compression rating by my doctor for my vericose veins.
    As a beach volleyball/basketball/soccer/softball coach at the high school level, I wear shorts every day and I wasn't about to wear the standard medical skin colored or black pantyhose the market has to offer.
    Extensive research led me to 2XU. I bought the compression tights and have been so pleased with them that I am coming back to purchase the Mens Compression Recovery Tights!
  • John sproles

    I own many different brands of tights and these are by far my favorite. The comfort and support they provide are second to none!!

    I have been wearing 2XU compression products for over a year and my recovery from marathon running has been so much faster and less painful. I would highly recommend 2XU to anyone who loves to exercise and treat themselves right during and after.
  • DW

    These are great for recovery and really speed up teh recovery process. I wear the Elite's CT for working out in and each make a huge difference. As I get older it is taking longer to recover from sessions - highly recommend these
  • Will

    I've worn compression tights playing high school/college baseball and now CrossFit: nike, under armour, reebok. Hands down, my 2XU compressions are the best and I will continue to wear these for all my athletic endeavors. Stylish, comfortable, and very durable. I've had mine for nearly two years wearing them essentially 5 times a week (with washing) and they are still awesome! Love them!
  • Kurt

    2XU compression tights are a revelation! My wife and I are avid indoor rowers and both have several matching pairs. I look back on my pre-2XU workouts and shudder, thinking about how badly my legs would hurt. When I gave 2XU compression a try the constant post-row ache in my legs was practically eliminated and I could row for longer distances without fatigue. I’ve tried other brands along the way but none of them stand up to 2XU. These tights are amazing!
  • Tom

    These tights are great for both working out and also for recovery. Definitely reduce muscle fatigue.
  • Tom

    These tights are great for both working out and recovering!
  • Tom

    Excellent compression tights for both working out and recovery.
  • Max

    I was suspect of the value of "compression" after wearing Nike Combat compression shorts and tights. I am training for a marathon and figured I would do some research, which led me to 2XU. Both in my running and strength training, I have noticed considerable difference when I train/run with these compression tights and when I don't. Feel stronger and fatigue less - it's really incredible what a difference it makes! If I could give 6 stars I would. Highly recommend.
  • Et

    Excellent compression. Great to wear in warm weather for running. Keeps you dry in the Florida heat.
  • Cy

    i recently bought these tights and love the way that they feel. very comfortable and i love the way that they look
  • chris leo

    I work in a run shop, and have the pleasure of presenting this gear to all my run enthusiasts.

    The tights have been popular with all who have been using them, and Im finding more and more how valuable these tights are for both performance AND recovery. I live in a very warm, sunny environment, and find myself wearing them right after my post workout ice bath.
  • Lennie

    Not only do these fit - almost perfectly - according to the fit guideline, but they feel great, do an excellent job of fulfilling their purpose - compression, - and to put more icing on the cake....they also look GREAT! Very satisfied with my 2XU compression tights and will be buying tights for biking from 2XU also. Very pleased with the product and will expect that they provide long-term satisfaction.
  • DavitH

    Very good product, definitely has decreased soreness after all of my basketball games. Pricey, but worth the money.
  • David

    I own 1 pair of these and I been using them for recovery, long runs and base layer. Issue I have the cuff around the ankle is a bit tight (to small). They have helped with keeping the ITB sysdrome down.
  • Kylie

    Bought two pairs of these pants for my CrossFit tournament a couple weeks ago, my legs felt very fresh and recovered throughout my whole tournament. I fill were a big part of me taking first place in the D1 division.
  • Tommy

    I've worn my compression tights for crossfit workouts and they're awesome. I feel stronger when doing heavy reps and my muscles don't fatigue as quickly during longer workouts. Definitely getting another pair.
  • David

    Switched to long pants from 3/4 and am even happier with my workouts and recoveries. 2XU is aptly named, as one performs twice as much wearing the gear. Thanks.
  • Frank

    We own many of the 2XU product lines, but this was the first purchase of the compression tights. One of the best products I have ever bought! Awesome performance at a great price point. Whether you want a training or recovery tight you can't go wrong with this item!
  • DW

    Great product for recovery cycle following tough training sessions. true compression and support consistent. highly recommend

  • Susan

    Great product! Works really well! My son is recovering from a hamstring injury and these compression tights have made a huge difference!
  • John

    We love these tights. Our whole family uses them for training, competing and recovery. We own several different 2XU products. Great customer service from 2XU. My son just got 1st place in a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving 2013 wearing his 2XU compression tights! We will definitely be buying more of your products!

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