Unisex Compression Arm Sleeves

Unisex Compression Arm Sleeves


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Now $25.95

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Unisex Compression Arm Sleeves Royal Blue/Royal Blue

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  • Royal Blue/Royal Blue


The 2XU Arm Sleeve uses seamless, circular knit construction to create the ultimate graduated arm sleeve for the forearm and bicep. Using 250 denier fabric, the arm sleeve encases the entire length of the arm, applying a graduated pressure to increase circulation and support the muscles and tendons in the forearm, elbow and bicep.



  • Increased circulation and oxygenation of muscles
  • Graduated compression fit for a faster recovery
  • Highest power denier targeted support biceps + triceps
  • Reduced muscle fatigue + damage
Care Instructions

2XU Compression garments require careful washing to protect the fabric and enhance its performance life. All 2XU Compression garments are engineered from powerful, technical and durable fabrics featuring world-class INVISTA LYCRA® fibre.

That said, even world-leading fabrics have product lives. To ensure your 2XU Compression garments deliver optimal performance and durability, we recommend you take the following steps:

  • Rinse in clean, cold water after a workout or swimming - sweat and chlorine will accelerate the degeneration of elastane
  • Hand wash in cold water is recommended. If using a machine, select a cold water setting for delicates.
  • Use a mild detergent - strong detergents can accelerate the degeneration of elastane
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not dry in direct sunlight.


  • 250 Denier compression fabric with enhanced power to the forearm, elbow and bicep.
  • Medical circular 360 degree knit construction creates a consistent yet powerful pressure
  • Seamless construction and knit structure for enhanced power and support.
  • Soft to the hand, breathable and moisture wicking.
  • Flatlock seams to reduce chafe for greater comfort.
  • Antibacterial and UPF50+ sun protection

NOTE: Measurements for the arm sleeves should be taken in a
relaxed state at the largest girth of the bicep and the forearm. If your
measurements of two different points for a garment do not correlate
for one particular size, first try the size recommended by your forearm


PWX technology utilises 2 unique fabrics; PWX Compression and 105D/K. Each fabric contains the following product enhancing features:


  1. Superior grade circular knit for 360º stretch + unsurpassed power

  2. Highest grade elastane yarns with invista lycra®

  3. Antibacterial + moisture wicking

  4. UPF 50+ sun protection

  5. Flat Lock stitching for maximum comfort.

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  • Jason

    Luv these sleeves!! Play in all of all day/weekend softball tournies and my arm has never been an issue regardless of the environment or amount of activity!!
  • Joe LaLonde

    I find that after every upper body workout I put these on and have no soreness/tightness the next day. These are great for any sort of muscle strain as well.
  • Roger Manning

    I have been wearing these sleeves for about the last year on my right arm when I play tennis. I think that they have helped my tendonitis. At various times and to various degrees, I have had tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, tricep tendonitis, and wrist tendonitis. I think that this covers most of the tendons in my arm. Anyway, they all feel a lot better since I started wearing the compression sleeves.
  • Crazytone

    I have been doing a lot of heavy lifting at the gym lately. My left bicep and right forearm have been tore up and sore. As soon as I started wearing my new sleeves I could feel the difference. Recovery time is faster and the feel great to wear. Thanks 2xu
  • Core

    I was having some serious discomfort in my ligaments in my upper and lower arm around my joints. It was such a problem I would have to quit my workout well before failure. I wore these for a few months religiously and the pain and discomfort is gone. I still wear them occasionally when I go heavy and need more support. Definitely recommend if you have muscle/ligament problems.
  • LHardy

    As I've ramped up my training and lifting heaver, my biceps and triceps would be sore well into my next session. I put these on at night, and its a world of difference in the morning.
  • jgpham

    I have been doing a lot more Crossfit lately and my arms seemed to not recover as well as the rest of my body. I have started wearing the sleeves mainly at night and can tell a big difference in my recovery time.
  • Manoj

    Used these sleeves while playing tennis. I was recently diagnosed with mild tendinitis. Still love playing tennis. Forearms and elbow would be sore and hurt after every game. Wore these and saw an instant difference. Nearly no pain or soreness in the arm after playing for two hours. Doesn't restrict movement while playing either. Perfect.
  • Damian

    This item is great. I sustained a tricep injury and was told I was going to need surgery. After a second opinion and talking with my rehabilitation therapist I decided against surgery. My rehap therapist recommended I get a compression sleeve to help promote blood flow and keep the swelling to a minimum. I have been using my 2XU compression sleeve for about 3 weeks now and I couldn't be happier.
  • Susan

    I managed to get tendonitis in my left arm and tennis elbow in BOTH arms from CrossFit. Most likely due to the really grip heavy workouts with a ton of cleans. So I bought these hoping they would help with the pain and swelling and I was not disappointed. Most the pain is gone and what is left is tolerable. They help with the swelling that I would normally get from some work outs as well.
    There is only one complaint I have and that's that they leave a big X on my arm after taking them off so I don't take them off till I get home. Not a huge problem though.

    I love these arm sleeves and they help keep my throwing arm warm and compressed. Ask any Quarterback out there and they will tell you how important this is. I have been using these sleeves for almost 2 years now and it's to the point to where I will not throw without them. These sleeves are truly miracle workers and will continue to use them forever!

    I have been training for longer and longer runs and needed more support in my arms for a recent 50k race. I ordered the arm sleeves on a Monday and for no additional charge they were rushed to my front door by Thursday. Perfect fit and worked amazing. In addition to less arm fatigue, and great recovery, they helped keep my arms just the right temperature during long periods of cold rain. This was my second purchase and will order more product again.

    I bought these to help alleviate my "tennis" elbow from various CrossFit movements (rope climbs, kipping pull ups, etc.), and I have been SO pleased with these sleeves!! It's truly incredible how good they feel when you're wearing them, and how much better you feel even hours and days after a tough workout. I would definitely recommend them to others in the same situation - You won't regret it!
  • kaeti

    I am an older athlete who has lots of sun damaged skin. I cover up and use sun screen but covering up during a swim practice is a challenge. I found that the arm sleeves work great during swim practice because they only cover my arms and leave my shoulders free of material. I swim 3 days a week for an hour and a half and a pair of these sleeves last about 5-6 months.

    I am an avid weight lifter and sports enthusiast. I suffered a tremendous set back over a year ago when tearing all the ligaments in my elbow. I had been struggling to regain my strength due to pain and issues with my elbow joint. I decided to try the compression sleeves and WOW what a difference. Highly recommended to anyone needing support to recovery from an injury and/or to improve recovery. GREAT product.
  • CurDog

    I am a former college baseball player and a current crossfitter so my forearms have always been an important part of my trainig. A few years ago I injured my left forearm while trainin and up until now, I have yet to find anything that kept my forearm compressed during my entire workout. These sleeves have been amazing in keeping my forearm fresh during and after entire training sessions. I also like the way they stay dry from sweat. Good stuff -
  • sonny

    I bought these to cover a tattoo on my forearm because my work made me, they are very good! keeps me cool around all the hot beverages (starbucks) and lets me move freely!
  • Tammy

    Great maintenance product for active competitors, to keep arm muscle and tissue relaxed as well as healing after long workouts and playing sports. Product came quickly and the material is comfortable. Additionally, I enjoy the fact it is easy to pull on.
  • MoeMan

    Training for Ironman includes a lot of swimming , biking, and running. I use these sleeves on my bike rides. I am 6ft tall and weigh 165. I purchased size Small, and it was a perfect fit for me. My training partners all want these sleeves now that they saw how much I use them.

    Great quality and joint support for weight lifting. I have noticed shorter recovery time and a better overall pump from the workout. I would recommend to anyone.

    Great quality and joint support for weight lifting. I have noticed shorter recovery time and a better overall pump from the workout. I would recommend to anyone.
  • Janet

    I bought these because when doing Crossfit WODs that include pushups, pullups, burpees, push press, etc., I would get such burning and muscle fatigue. With the sleeves, that doesn't happen! They help me to go faster, stronger, harder! I love them.
  • Clydesdale

    Ordered the compression sleeves for my old elbows. The work great to warm up the joints and provide good support during my workouts. They also work great for road and mountain biking, lowers that joint fatigue!
  • Tom

    Love these. Great quality and thickness. Use them while running and biking. Definitely recommend.
  • Matt

    With lingering elbow issues, these sleeves greatly reduce the the recovery times between my Strongfit workouts. They are very comfortable and barely notice them on during a workout without impeding your range of motion, I'd highly recommend!!
  • Nick

    I wear these sleeves when I do Crossfit and I love them. They help with blood circulation, they help with faster recovery times, and they help contain they nerves in my elbows. They are so comfortable that I don't even notice them during the workout. Highly recommend them.
  • Kaeti

    I wear the sleeves mainly during my swim workout to protect my skin from sun damage. In chlorinated pools they last for months.
  • mike

    i have had recent tricept tendon and muscle repair i know where the sleeve most the day and for my workout up to an hour after i absoluty love this product. very comfortable no rubbing and keeps my elbow warm and the blood flowing to the area where everything was reattached. i will for sure tell my buudies about the sleeve. thanx 2xu!!!

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